The Outbreak Team Roadmap is an easy-to-follow guide with all of the steps necessary to build and train a foodborne outbreak investigation team. Start at the step that is appropriate for your team.

Establish a Foodborne Outbreak Team

If you don’t know where to start, use the Identifying Team Members exercise
For new team members: For all team members:
  • TN Foodborne Outbreak Investigation Online Courses
  • Team members complete courses independently and meet periodically for team building activities (see #3), on an agreed-upon schedule
  • Plan for 6 months to a year to complete all courses and in-person activities
For all team members: Brief Complimentary Team Activities to be completed between TN online courses
Use Response Plan Template and results of complimentary in-person team activities
Complete Outbreak Team Certification Request Form and submit to TN CoE
  • Provide names and contact information for all trained individuals
  • Certify that the jurisdiction has an outbreak response plan and plans for review
Upon confirmation of all team members’ satisfactory completion of the online courses, TN CoE will send the health jurisdiction a team training certificate

Strengthen the Team with Tools & Resources

  • Coordinate an in-person team training course with your regional CoE, providing refresher training for the core team and involving others to expand response capacity
  • Request an NCBRT course in coordination with state FEMA and NCBRT regional reps
Outbreak investigation techniques, consults, and direct assistance 
  • OutbreakNet Enhanced application/participation
  • PulseNet coordination
  • WGS integration
  • Complaint System improvement
  • EHSNet coordination
  • Student Outbreak Team development
  • Antimicrobial susceptibility testing integration
  • CIFOR metrics and CIFOR assessments
  • NEARS/NORS agreement evaluation
  • Outbreak staff competency assessments
  • Needs Assessment for further training
  • Epi-Ready Train-the-Trainer course

Educate the Food Safety Workforce

  • Partner with a local University to create a Student Outbreak Team (Key Points)
  • Use an in-house Epi-Ready Training Team to expand response team membership
  • Graduate Certificate in Food Safety – University of Tennessee
  • Many other CoE partners also offer graduate certificates or additional specialized training for professionals
  • Contact us for help navigating options!