Tools in the Field

Download or view the Exclusion Guidance for High Risk Groups with Enteric Diseases in Tennessee.
The intent of creating exclusion guidance for high risk groups (i.e., food-handlers, childcare workers and attendees, and healthcare workers) with enteric illness is to provide a set of standardized guidance for exclusion, restriction, and reinstatement for the state of Tennessee. This guidance is meant to provide general guidelines for local and regional health departments. However, if other actions are warranted, health departments may deviate from this guidance where they deem necessary. This is intended to provide general consistency and a framework to our response to enteric diseases and their affected groups.
• Generic (not state specific) Stool Collection Training for Public Health Staff
• Watch the Get the Scoop Stool Collection Operation and Optimum Packaging video

Foodborne Illness Outbreak Detection, Investigation, and Response Training for Environmental Health Professionals

The Training Roadmap contains a list of the training opportunities that are available. The Roadmap can be used to guide environmental health professionals to trainings to develop knowledge and skills based on the environmental health professional’s current training level. The training list is sorted by 3 categories (basic, intermediate, or advanced) based on the amount of knowledge that a person would need to understand and succeed with the training. The basic, intermediate, and advanced categories translate to the progression of Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 of the competencies. Next to each training, symbols indicate if it is a web-based or an in-person workshop and whether or not there is a fee associated it.
The Training Descriptions document is an alphabetical list of all of the trainings included on the Training Roadmap. Each training contains a description of the training, cost, CEUs, length of training, modality (online or in person workshop), and a hyperlink to the training website.
The Training to Competencies Cross-Reference document cross-references all of the competencies that are covered by a specific training. When you rollover the competency hyperlinks a description of the competency displays.